Discussion in 'Terraria' started by LuxuryWafer, May 24, 2013.

  1. DrMadFellow

    DrMadFellow I'm out, come find me elsewhere.

    There is now a Terraria Forum, and this topic has been moved accordingly.
  2. Cakle

    Cakle Pastry Enthusiast

    Why not keep it in the other games section? The server came down yesterday so I'm going to imagine this thread isn't going to be as active anymore.
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  3. AndreAwesome

    AndreAwesome Ex-Moderator

    But it's Terraria! I'm sure we can get another server.
  4. CrazyShadowy

    CrazyShadowy Just your friendly neighborhood tea drinker!

    I agree with andre
  5. DrMadFellow

    DrMadFellow I'm out, come find me elsewhere.

    It is a popular game that many people like to discuss with or without a server. I believe it deserves its own section.
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  6. _DA_BOSS_

    _DA_BOSS_ A terrible terror!

    I agree! since the server went down did I lose all my money in the piggy bank?
  7. CrazyShadowy

    CrazyShadowy Just your friendly neighborhood tea drinker!

    No. Piggy banks are for your character. I play with a friend I put stuff in their piggy bank, went to my piggy bank on my world and my items and monehs were there
  8. Cakle

    Cakle Pastry Enthusiast

    I'm sorry Doc, but I'm still not sure why you choose to move this? Terraria is great and all but its just another game, I doubt terraria would spark enough content for sub-threads as well. Maybe instead of its own thread we can choose a game to spotlight in the games thread every so often? Like a game of the week sort of thing? I don't know, man. I just want to find my stapler. :confused:
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  9. xstargamingx

    xstargamingx Potato Overlord Staff Member

    I kinda agree with Kate.
    Terraria is really fun :D
    and this thread sparked a bit of conversation
    but I don't think we could go on enough tangents to where we could make sub threads.
    We don't even really go on tangents
    we talk about one terraria thing until we're done with that, then talk about the next thing. all on one popular thread, in one group.
    And even then, we really only talked about the server (like the IP and when we can play together), which is now down. *shrug*
    And note that this thread was started 2 years ago.
    I just feel like there will only ever need to be this thread for terraria.

    Please note that I'm not trying to argue or start a big ol' debate or anything, just giving my 2 cents on the topic.
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  10. Gibitul

    Gibitul Active Member

    Hey, They're making Terraria 2 and Terraria Otherworld, so maybe that's something to consider. (Oh Terraria Otherworld, and your oh so sexy graphics.)
  11. LuxuryWafer

    LuxuryWafer Earth Ambassador

    ugh, terraria otherworld... looks too much like edge of space
  12. KittyAshlee

    KittyAshlee Builder Applications Moderator Staff Member

    oh oh, I am actually excited for Otherworld
  13. LuxuryWafer

    LuxuryWafer Earth Ambassador

    it looks alright but I wasn't really happy for graphics that look like Edge of Space. I just love Terraria the way it is right now
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