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Does anyone else use Texture Packs? I've been looking at the 'show off your minecraft' and it all looks like original textures.

If you don't use texture packs, why not?

And if you do, why do you and which one do you use?

I used Quandary (June) for awhile, because it wasn't much different from the basic textures, they just softened the colors, increased ore visibility, and made everything look nicer in general.

I am currently using Painterly because of it's ability to pick and choose, which I find neat, and it has a nice Autumn pack, which I've been feeling since the trees are changing colors where I live.


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I like to play games without mods, as they were originally intended. That's the only reason I keep the stock textures. I've tried a couple texture packs, but they just made the game not feel quite right... :)


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Thought I would post up the texture mix I have been using for a few days. NONE of this is my original work, I have just combined what I think is best from a few popular packs.

They are -
-Default Textures
-Quandry March
-Painterly Pack
-WhosRyanLord's Progress Bar Mod
-MrMessiah's Better Grass Mod (You'll need to tick the 'Better Grass' in the following program to apply this - http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=46173)

Some Screenshots -




Advantages -
-Clearer Glass
-Higher Visibility Ores and Clay
-Prettier Tools, Armour, Trees, Saplings, Cacti and Flowers
-Progress bars rather than cracks on rocks and materials, handy for knowing how soon a block will break. I can upload a version without if you prefer.
-Improved inventory and crafting screen background
-Chickens now appear as ducks
-Less obtrusive cobblestone
-Clouds and snowfall is disabled (I find both of these a major distraction as they are currently implemented)
-Still feels like the default pack but better (IMO)

Heres a pic of the terrain.png so you can get a feel of how it will look -


And here is the download link if anyone is interested in giving it a go -
http://www.files.fecklessbutfree.com/files/1/Coffeejunky Mix.zip

Yet again it is NOT my work. I can mention what textures come from what packs if you like.

If you have an idea about a mix you would like, I may be able to make one up for you, as long as you mention exactly what textures you want and only use a maximum of 3 different packs.

If you need help installing it I'll post up a tutorial if it is needed ;) There are programs out there that make the process much easier.


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Here's a post about how to make texture packs compatible with the new Minecraft texture pack function.

Short version: The archive has to be ZIP format, and the content must have a structure like coffeejunky's file: All the texture stuff must be at the root of the archive, not hidden in additional sub-folders.

Painterly pack was wrong format yesterday, today it's fixed.


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ok, this started as a little mix kinda going on CJ's theme but it's quickly gotten outta hand as i never am quite happy with the content of each pack...so it started making alot of my own textures too, so it literally is a little of this and a little of that,the credits also on this are a little weird but here they are:

-Doku RPG v1.2 (insperation and <3 of Zelda)
-Quandary v3.0 (great base to start off of)
-Plantery (plantery is the god of textures for MC)
-John Smith v 4.1 (great textures just a little weird with box tops sides ect this guys good but wt...)
-CJ (peaking my interestr and making me waste countless hours i coulda used to build stuff)
-Spike (for having a server worth playing on)
-me (xXx Zmile) xD

I will be updating this post additionally, hopefully with a good Autumn pack

you will NEED Xua's HD patch:
http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic ... 25&t=46173

This is a fairly GUI free basic texture update version:
http://www.filefront.com/17523856/Zmile ... -v0.8.zip/

This version has all of CJ's pack's GUI and item changes(no clouds(fixed for ya CJ), Healthbars on blocks, round crosshair):
http://www.filefront.com/17523859/Zmile ... -v0.8.zip/

I decided just to release this at it's current state due to the fact that i have decided to actually do all the art on my own and will be changing direction to reach that goal, further updates of this post will reflect that, just wanted you guys to have a chance to see the world through my eyes, and a chance to receive feedback on how to improve it.

I'm only posting information to download this on Spike's site cuz, minecraft sucks without spikes server, but anyone is free to use or modify anything within and redistribute as they see fit, SO LONG as they give appropriate credit to those who's art is contained, namely Plantery, Quandary, Doku, JohnSmith, and xXxZmile.