Thank you Oliver!


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Thank you Oliver for all of your hard work and all the hours you've put into this server update! All of us in Mumble, thank you, and I'm sure people on the PvP Server do as well! Thanks for putting in all the time and effort into this server and it really shows your dedication to the server! :)


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yeah not trying to be a suck up or anything but yeah the time the both of em are putting into this is absolutely astonishing, and if you guys need any help with anything im here.


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Lol thanks guys :p Coffeejunky needs some luvin' too - he built most of the atrium and was an excellent interior/exterior designer for the various spawns :p


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Thanks Oliver and Cofffejunky and everyone else who helped out!
The server is now even better! :thumbsup:
Just one more thing we need new banners