The banning system

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This is just a suggestion but can this server sort the banned system out and here are some reasons

  • First off, people only get banned if they break the rules, hacked etc​

  • No one gets banned through dislikes/likes​

  • To not use the banhammer and anti-hack plugins, because i know serveral accounts were people have been banned from it, when they have been innocent​

  • To be banned they need proof . . . (Dont use banhammer/anti-hack plugins, its fault​

  • The computer can be wrong, with this hack detector stuff​
Its just a suggestion and you dont need to do it, but personly. Most of the ban system is good, but i would make a few tweaks, thank you :):):)


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  • Nobody ever gets banned unless they break the rules
  • Nobody ever gets banned because they 'are not liked' - as above, they are only banned if they break the rules
  • The anti-hack system detects way more hackers than it does make mistakes. As far as i can remember there have only been one, maybe two cases where the anti-hack plugin was lying and people got banned because of it
  • People are never banned without proof. The anti-hack plugin is not faulty - we have logs of everything people do and can cross-reference.
  • Moderators don't ban unless they see the person hacking - i.e. teleporting to them and watching it with their own eyes
  • The computer can be wrong, but it is very obvious to mods when the anti-hack plugin is reporting incorrectly. I'm not going to go into it specifically, but all moderators know how to differentiate between different reports.
Have you got any examples of when people were incorrectly banned by moderators because of hacking?


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I know several accounts were people were banned without doing anything like with
  • Xcitngstuart
  • dogboy45


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Because i was there when xcitngstuart was acussed and banned, hes my brother , and i know dogboy45, he doesnt know how to mod


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This thread has become tedious. The banning system is in place and will not be changed. There is no problem with it. I have yet to see a person who was wrongfully banned. (Regardless of the mods decision to unban XcitingStuart, I still feel he should have stayed banned.) The original post is so off base of what current rules are in place, I might accuse Kibox of trolling had I not know better. Look, we can argue all day about whether or not the tech works for the current banning system. But, every report that is sprung up from the banning program, is checked by a server moderator to review it validity. I trust these server moderators to make the correct decisions. They are the ones who uphold bans not machines. So kibox, perhaps you should investigate things more before you create ridiculous and in all honesty, condescending posts. Thank you and good night.


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frothingluck, be quite and you got nothing to do with it, just because you might have personal problems with him and you might say he should be banned. I could think the same about you, your allways rude, and inconsiderate
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