The Epic Quarry


So, Here is my layout design for the Epic Quarry.

I looked it over and it shows every possible block that your able to see when mining, no block is unseen. Statistically, it is the most efficient way of gathering rare and non-rare ores. I designed this quarry so whenever someone needs a certain amount of something, they can come to the quarry and i will gladly give it free to them unless it is a rare source such as: diamond, redstone, lapis, and gold.

If anyone is interested in help building this Epic Quarry, i would glady appreciate it because i will need all the help i can get.

You can catch me in game and talk to me about it, or send me a PM in my inbox.

Sincerely, Kotah
Thank you for reading.


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You could make it more efficient by getting rid of the steps and putting one more stone block of height for each level.