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I am pleased to announce the future of MinecraftCC!

At 10pm EST tonight (Thurs 14th April), the PVP and Build servers will be merged into a single server with multiple worlds. In addition to the pvp and build worlds there will also be a nether and survival world. These will all be accessible from a main 'atrium' area with portals to the individual worlds. Here is a brief outline of how the entire server will work:

- 4 worlds: Build, PVP, Nether, Survival
- All accessed via a main 'Atrium' world
- PVP will get a new map which will be limited to a max of 10k blocks in all directions
- VIP inventories will be kept from the old map
- Build will have the same map
- Build, Survival and Nether will all share inventories, PVP will have unique inventories.
- Mobs will be off in all worlds except Survival
- There will be a sign-based shop on PVP where you can buy mob resources
- VIPs get a new perk - the ability to warp between worlds by command
- Non-vip players will need to go back to the spawn point in their current world to get back to the atrium if they want to go to a different world

VIPs may be wondering 'what about my PVP inventory!'. The PVP server will stay running on port :23456 for a week after the move takes place. It will be accessible by all, but non-vips will be teleported to spawn and won't be able to leave. Whenever anyone talks the server will let them know that the server has moved to a new location. VIPs will be able to pack up their things into their inventory. Please do the following procedure to get your inventory moved from the old PVP server to the new PVP map:

1. Screenshot the inventory you want copying
2. Post it in this thread:
3. After we have gone to the new map, find a moderator and ask them to copy your inventory. Not all moderators can do this.

This restructuring of the servers should unite our community once again and provide us with loads more features and possibilities. Please bear with us around the time of transition - the servers will be down for several hours whilst we get everything set up. There may be frequent restarts and issues once it goes back up, so please be patient.

MinecraftCC Moderation Team


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Also, one of the more important rule changes is that full griefing will be allowed in the PvP world!

Because there are no mobs, and sulfur will be released at the rate of 2 sulfer for 1 iron, there will be limited TNT in the world, so we shouldn't end up with many craters going all the way to bedrock. :p And, because there will now be a survival world to satisfy the needs of those who want to build in a challenging environment, but not get griefed, we can turn PvP into a bit more "hardcore" mode of play. :D

We will still have an arena, and the tournament is still planned for this Saturday. If you are not a VIP (and therefore will not have inventory transferred over to the PvP server), then I suggest you start digging as soon as you log on tonight to get enough for the entry fee!