The Necroposting Plague


So lately, a large number of people have been necroposting. They either claim they "Don't read dates", "Don't know which are old", or "Want to up their post count". Let's be clear, friends. Necroposting is annoying. It's not just annoying, it also is actually problematic. If you necropost, your necro'd thread could appear before a new thread, one that might actually be relevant now.

I don't read dates.
Learn to read them, or don't post in the forums and make everyone else annoyed.

I don't know which threads are old.
You are obviously blind. Threads with NEW posts are bolded in the forum list. There are also DATES that tell when the post was made. In case you cannot tell, look at the below image.


I want to increase my post count.
Are you serious? You want to increase the number of posts you have on a internet forum? Your post count does not effect your standing in the community, nor does it make you look like "an hero". Your post count won't make your nether regions grow, either. Sorry.

Hopefully this has been informative and two brain cells have rubbed together to process that nobody wants threads necroposted.


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Necroposting is to post in a very old thread of the 15th page of the forum ?

It can be for an important reason, but most of the time it's for saying "LoL" so I agree with PD.


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Sometimes, it can be reasonable (to ask a very relevant question in a thread that was already talking about similar subject matter). But please don't necro posts just to say things like "Lol" or "I agree" or "this is dumb" or "[insert meme here]".


My point exactly. Its alright to post in threads that are relevant. For instance, if someone is reported and the unbanned, but later has problems again, I will report them in the same thread as their earlier report to not take up space. That's the only kind of Necro'ing thats okay, IMO.


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I'm just gonna have some fun and necro a post for the first time

i read what it was about searching old threads and thought it would be a tad bit funny to necro it


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Funny, I saw this thread the other day and I was going to necro it just for the sake of having a laugh, but I decided not to because I didn't want to spam the most recent threads with something that no longer has much of a purpose other than a humorous effect.

Waki called it. x)