The Nomad Challenge


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What with our current temp map (and eventual return of our original maps), I was thinking of ways to make the gameplay more entertaining, especially with all the additions of 1.8. After doing some papers on the Mongolian Nomads, I decided to come up with something in the same vein, but also based on something I recall reading on the MCForums. I can't find the original topic to link to (just a bunch of kiddies who've changed the rules a lot from the original). More or less I'm just stealing the name for my own purposes (and because copyright infringement makes the world go round).



The Nomad Challenge (WIPZ)

"You are a nomad! Go and do nomad things! Yar har flibberteedee!" - Aristotle

General Idea: The first days and night of minecraft are the most entertaining I think, as they're the only ones that really have any kind of difficulty. Once you've been playing MC for a while, you know how to exploit and force the environment to work to your advantage. This challenge tries to keep things feeling much like the first day by limiting both your efficiency and capabilities.​


-Your home must be small and "transportable" (easily broken down and transported). You don't have to transport your home or anything in it, but it must be designed as if you will. This can be set up like a Teepee/yurt/ger/however you want. Your home may have a door to keep out mobs if you'd like.​

-You can decorate your house however you'd like, but it must be small (one story height)​

-For storage you may only have up to 1 double chest of items. Anything that doesn't fit in here and your inventory must be discarded.​

- Only one furnace can be used for smelting/cooking.​

-You can have farms, but they can't be any larger than 10 blocks at max per item. You may NOT have fences/blocks to keep out mobs.​
EX. You have 1 wheat farm and 1 watermelon farm. Each can only be up to 10 blocks in size. The only way to keep mobs out is to guard them.​

-You can build your house wherever you'd like, though large open areas are best.​

- You cannot build a tree farm, or an infinite water spring. You must travel to gain any of these resources.​

-Upon setting up a home, you should craft a map and attempt to completely fill it in for your area.​

-You cannot mine for resources. Anything you want to find must be discovered through caves. You can dig up to 10 blocks in one direction inside a cave. This is only if you think there's a cave to dig to (EX. you hear a zombie while in a cave, and think there's a mineshaft nearby)​
Note: You can dig up resources on the surface of caves, you just can't make mines for resources.​

- If following this challenge with a group, each person can have their own double chest and furnace, and they can be shared. You can all live within the same home, or separate ones.​

-There's no particular time when you must leave an area. It's suggested you leave after filling up your map/obtaining all available resources within an area.​

-Your goal in each area is simply to get as many resources as possible via exploration.​

-When leaving an area, you may leave your home up if you'd like. You may only take with you whatever fits within your inventory, and no more than 8 of each item (except for items used to construct your home).​

-Your primary weapon is a bow and arrows. The most advanced melee weapon you can have is a stone sword. Armor can be no more advanced than leather.​

-PvP is perfectly acceptable while playing like this on a map that allows PvP. You may keep everything you get, but must throw away one item you find as a "gift" (either to another person or dropped somewhere in the wilderness).​


These are just the general rules I have in mind at the moment. Any suggestions/improvements would be greatly appreciated. I've been playing like this for a few days and am greatly enjoying it. Let me know what you guys think!​


I like this a lot, and I may just give it a try. It would be interesting if you leave your houses, and a map in each of them and a sign saying who was there and how long you stayed. That way someone exploring can get a feel of what you did in that area?


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I like this a lot, and I may just give it a try. It would be interesting if you leave your houses, and a map in each of them and a sign saying who was there and how long you stayed. That way someone exploring can get a feel of what you did in that area?
Leaving maps is great, and it'll probably be easier if Notch ever makes maps copy-able.

Honestly my favorite short-term settlement since the update is the Red Mushroom home. The materials used to make it only take up a few slots and you can use the mushrooms as a food source anyway. It requires a torch, I generally add a wood door, and maybe some glass windows just to make it fancy if I plan on being there a while. It's certainly not a large home, but it gives enough space for a double chest, a furnace, a crafting block, and a bed if you really want one. It's enough to fend off mobs at night as well.


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I like it, might have to try it on the temp map.

My current favorite activity involves starting off at spawn with 5 steaks, and traveling until I find a new mineshaft to explore. Usually it takes several day/night cycles, so I have to do all the typical stuff of tearing down trees and building picks and swords while I'm on my way. And find more food, since steaks will only last so long when sprinting.

Once I've found a mineshaft and explored the mineshaft sufficiently, I'll TP home, dump the goods that I found that are worth keeping, and start over, with 5 steaks again.


Sounds like fun i think i will give it ago,
i agree the first night is always the most enjoyable,
mabey u could have a world like this added to to the server.


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I really like this idea, but would rather just hang out on your lawn at night and make funny noises.