The oli gettin hooked up?


Lol, its un-readable. Might need to enlarge it and repost it, :p

Edit: Nevermind, theres a second enlarge button, :p


I especially like the part at the bottom where you complain about being single, :p

I know the feeling. (Maybe I should give pizza man a call? Ick. No.)


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Oli + Biceps! Sorry doesn't fit the Oli's I know. Also Michel, I thought this was a G-rated Server and Forum, so why did you post a picture of yourself swearing?


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it was accidental, I had previously posted a similar picture with everything blanked out however I posted the before edit version instead of the edited, if it's truly offensive I will remove it. sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused.


Inu I think I found you in it! It was a lot like wheres Waldo. Without knowing what Waldo looked like.

EDIT: I also see lakenanners. Meh.