The ramifications of Sgt. Spike's power outage have come full circle


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Oh I see...

Good thing we have a decent UPS now though. Bad thing that the old one I had proved to be insufficient to keep the server running.


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Too little too late Sgt. Spike. I'm not sure when my vengeance will be, but it will be swift. I can promise you that.


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See Sarge! It did happen to other people! But yes, yes i know. You cant do anything about it :cry:


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1.21 gigawatts... well, yeah, me either. :(

If I did, I'd be making bank though! And definitely no more power outages.


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Hey Frothingluck there has been a few times that I have lost my inventory on this server. I do understand the frustration you feel. The first time I lost my inventory was due to a server reboot. I was upset with anyone that was involved with the server. The second time I lost my inventory was when I transfered my whole vault into the nether. Less than two days after that we lost the nether map. I was a VIP at this time and was very concerned about the return of the Nether map. I lost everything I had nothing but what was on my body inventory. At this point I was ready to throw my computer out the window and never play again lol. Now I am rebuilding my inventory and tackling this challenge of the game. I hope you will view this as a challenge!!! Not against the server but against the anger inside you. Rise above this and restore your wealth in the game.;)