The Ruins - explore and discover


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hi its shgecko, i recently built the Ruins in creative with the help of gateship. and i would like to have a telepad set there. The cords are X=127 Y=64 Z=1047. Its relatively close to babylon. The ruins aren't just a fancy looking castle and ship, they are also fun to explore.
There are many secret passageways and hidden rooms all leading up to the secret item of the people of the castle

here are some screen shots. im trying not to give too much away
2011-07-31_13.04.34.png2011-07-31_13.04.52.png2011-07-31_13.07.18.png2011-07-31_13.07.33.png2011-07-31_13.10.07.pngalso, i am still adding new things.


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Nice work! You should use some mossy cobblestone in places. It fits in perfectly with the cobble texture to make things look old