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Every Forum except ours seems to have one, show off what you are working on! I'll Start The Party.


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Heres mine, with DOF, MSAA and texture pack goodness :D

Vegas Sign -

Luxor Pyramid -

Stargazing -

Mario Cube -

The Nature Biome -

The Lounge -

The Entrance to my /home Castle -

A Picture of Oli's Chest

Just a few of the things I've built/helped build :)


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Here is some screenshots of Team Panda ! I'll try to make it in order of creation :p

(In Frenden Pack)



In secret of him (when he was sleeping) I did a crypt under the church, church who became a cathedral. It was a surprise for him, and the crypt has one of his nicknames, The Red Duke.




See you for the next episode !


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Second panda episode !

You see that we made those things in team work, even if I do a lot of the construction work. Here comes my first very personal work, all by myself.

The Crom Project (not finish because I want pants in black wool and a pagan temple under the statue, I started it but not finish it)





Huge isn't it ?






See you next episode !


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New panda episode !















Other episode coming soon !


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Team Panda again !

What's now ? The others's projects !







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We've got a lot of other ideas. One of these is already make, let's see !


I do it all alone in a night :p


And like the others things I bilt, you can go inside and you can even be eat by it !!

We saw lots of people but not everyone, so you're all welcome for a visit !



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Moved the thread to Pictures & Videos, but left a shadow topic in place.

Wombatus, you and your friends are, by far, the most talented minecraft builders I've ever seen! The cathedral and bridge were amazing enough - those I had seen before. But Crom and that dragon blow my mind! Cheers for a job well done, and keep it up!


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I build Crom and the Dragon alone, but I want to do a special thanks to WallaceNein for all the cobblestone of Crom, and to Laurent923 for a lot of dirt for the Dragon !

As I sayed, they are not finish, for the Dragon I imagine a snake body on the other side of Crom's montain (but it will cost again a lot of dirt ^^).

I have to make buildings for the monastery too. Need places to rest, sleep and eat ! Monks can't just pray, read and wash lingery :p
I have an other project too, but it's a surprise. Rat now is doing a great Poddle of Doom. And our girlmember, PandaBoobs (sorry for the nickname) have a cool house in progress.

Thanks again SgtSpike for the compliments.

Now the powerful guys can come to see us by using /warp panda !! Thanks to CoffeeJunky !


Wow, just wow! I really need to play build more often, and If I do will give me lessons on how to build like a god? :D


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Wombatus whats your text pack i kinda like it could you post a link? if its the paint just let me know you don't have to make a link to that.


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I was speaking about.... linen ? Is that word correct ?

Whatever, the Dragon is getting stronger, more screenshots soon ;)


I think you meant laundry or clothing, XD

I just found it funny that you mistakenly used that word, :p


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This isn't mine, it's Pharos by LordDikon, but I thought the view was cool, in fact this is my wallpaper now.


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Waaah ! It's huge !!