The ULTIMATE were-wolf-poodle-warg-panther of DOOOOOMM !!!!


Powered by Fur !!
Here's my new creation, hope you like it. I think it's almost done...

I made a drawing on photoshop, then i reduced it and add a ruler.

I made the ruler in-game and made the panther.

It looks like the 300's intro wolf.

Took almost 20-25 hours to build at least, on creative with flying mod. I think it would be impossible for me to do this on build world.

About 130 x 70 x 45 cubes.

The ones who helped me to finish it :

Wombatus for the head ans the professionnal advices, bloodyclans for the legs (merci mon potoooo) **and nogo for the advices**, inuuchiha for the wool, eaglestallon for the leg fixing with worldedit and this annoying jinks cause he's awesome (lawl)
Merci à eux !!!!!

I will soon begin a more difficult creation. Guess whhaaaat !!


Lamp Post King
a giant dodongo dragon! thats my guess :p, actually what i would like to guess is, a very epic and good bird. just like a simple blue jay or raven. so those are my guess's i guess.


Powered by Fur !!
I forgot : the mini-puppie that you can see on the last pic was made by Bloody.


A l'aise Breizh
TEAM PANDA for the WIN !!!! It's the great return of Rat !!

And soon (or not, because of moderation) my new project of creative that I started before temp maps !!
There will be movement too Frothy ;)


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I can't get over how awesome that is every time I see it. Awesome work batman!
A pity on the dynmap, that would look so sweet in the browser. Now it just needs a young Leonidas...