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i hope that you all like it and that i am allowed to build in creative!
The buildings are arround this coördinates
y 71
z 247
This is mine main building and also my sorage room. (dont mind the minecart rail i didnt made that there)
The first buildinga i ever made is in this server :). (a building in progress of my friend left and a lil fountain)
This is my newest creation i love this one because it's simple and you don't see this much in minecraft! i really like it it has style. (on the right is my tower of my wall thats not in the pics)
welcome to my biggest creation the top is exacly at max. (again my wall -.- )
the entrace of my building :D.
another one for al the way up.
This is the courtyard of my special building. (yes another fountain)
The skybox of the building i took this one at sunset to make it look better.

the special 1 is here (my apolagises for hd texture pack)
x -1124
y 65
z 91

This is the creation where im the most proud'st on because it works with redstone and pistons.
also because it took a bunch of smoothstone and it took me my patience with the working pistons, redstones and the repeaters bud yeah i have done it.

This where the creation's that i think that are the best i maded i also have other ones bud i couldn't post more then 10.
if you want to see more you can mail me or message me in game and i will awnser soon enough.
and again my apolagises for my english and the last two pics.
i hope you like it it was a pleasure to make them.

ps: if it said view attachement im sorry for that then i did the best i can to prevent that bud i did my best and if you can't view them please comment it and say what i can do against it


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Not really that imrpessive. Everything is way too square. You don't use a lot of different materials


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Not really that imrpessive. Everything is way too square. You don't use a lot of different materials
I beg to differ. The wooden house is very nice. I also like the detailing and use of complementing materials to accent different shapes on the taller buildings. The smoothstone in this one really offsets the designs nicely making it not just a boring stone structure:


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Oli, once again you stole my words due to my slow typing. I second what you say. I really like that wooden house and the use of the gable windows. Dont see that much in minecraft


Hardcore is better than you
Thank you for all your kindness for the buildings and i know that i make alot big structures and that its square bud that is just my style i have tried to make round things bud thats not me.


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Thank-you for applying for Builder status on our Creative world.

The mods have decided to Approve your application. You will be upgraded by a mod in-game shortly.

Please remember to follow all creative rules and ask a mod to remove any structure you do not intend to finish. Not doing so could lead to your Builder status being revoked. If you are building in a city make sure you check the rules and allowed building materials of that particular city.

We think your skills are -
  • Large structures
  • Using complimentary materials to accent buildings
We appreciate the time you have taken for your application, have a nice day :)


I can see Frothing's point though, but I know what's going on... It's hip to be square.


Hardcore is better than you
im very ghappy that i am approved bud im i allowed to make a own city in creative where i can solo build in