Theft at house in Temp map


So, Globey and I have built a house together in the temp map, and every day I find more things missing.

Frankly, its getting annoying.

There are multiple spots, and I will provide the coords for them.

Theft 1:
x: -66
y: 104
z: -285

Theft 2:
x: -64
y: 92
z: -279

Theft 3:

X: -61
Y: 88
Z: -285

Theft 1 was glass which was broken, actually.

Theft 2 was the removal of fences, on two different balconies in the same y coordinate, I believe (not sure about the exact coords for the second balcony)

Theft 3 was the removal of a door

And there might be more I have yet to notice...


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Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do at the moment. We don't have any of the tools we normally have access to, which is exactly why we are on a temporary map and not the real deal (because of the potential for griefing).

If you want your house to be safe, build WAY far away from spawn. Like 10k blocks away.


Haha. Yeah, I figured there was nothing to be done. I just wanted to put it out there in case. Especially since these were probably noobies to the server. We've gotten a lot of those during the temp maps lifespan


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Seems to be the time when we get the most VIP sales as well :p

I actually saw Nathan(#s here) take our door, claiming he had lag issues. I took a screenshot of him holding the door in his hand, claiming he removed it because he couldn't get through with his lag, but I don't know if it's on the copy+paste clip board anymore. I'' sending this from my terrible cell phone