Thinking about switching to XenForo...


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I have a 3-day demo running. Sign up, give it a try, make some posts, and tell me what you think!

Some good features of XenForo:
- Better spambot protection
- Better SEO (would help bring more people in to the community)
- Smoother, more modern GUI
- Pages (would allow for News, Article, etc)



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I logged in with admin admin and this site I feel is the site we need to use for what is pricing like? I love the "facebookesque" outlook. Trophies work for both Xbox and PS3 so why not this forum.

Sleek design
Ability to look at most recent thread without entering subforum

Takes a second to post messages
Limited avatar upload pixels
In the upper righthand corner, where it says Home>Forums>Main Category> Main Forum
is a little confusing. I keep thinking home will bring me back to the main page here, not the zenForo homepage. (Nitpicky I know, but its still a problem for me.)


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Thanks for the feedback Frothing! The home button would take you to the homepage of the domain. In our case, it'll be filled with news, server info, etc. It is a bit slower than our ancient-looking forum here, but that's the price to pay for sleekness. Not sure about the avatars... we may or may not be able to change that, we'll see.


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It's probably slow because it's being hosted on their webserver which hosts all the other demo forums + the actual XenForo site.


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The avatar size can be changed but not easily :( I think default avatar size is fine though, particularly for smaller screens.

Shoutmix could be replaced by Taigachat. Which is more versatile and will be so much easier for the Moderators to moderate. Plus I know the author of it fairly well, so support shouldn't be an issue.

I suppose we could add Facebook login too, which would vastly simplify the signup procedure for some users who just come here to appeal a ban. As much as I hate facebook...

Definately a positive improvement form PHPBB.

I am curious as to what type theme we would have, that could take some work to get right (colours can be changed simply as Var said) but header images could be more tricky.

E- I sped up posting quite a bit by telling it to use Google CDN for Ajax/Jqueries.


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Taigachat looks good! Funny too, because the shoutmix just emailed me that my three-month subscription had ended. It's just a few dollars I think, but no need to spend money on something that can be replaced with something free. ;)

Whatever the theme is, it won't be white text. There are very few websites that can pull off the white text theme properly, and I don't expect to be another one. I personally dig brown or earthy themes, but we'll see.