this is unboundmagnum


Permabanned Player?
hi i'm writing this to ask the mods for forgiveness for my bad deeds.i realize that my actions caused a consequence and it was definately all my fualt.i dont want to take your time long but i just ask you to give me one more chance.i just got the game and i imediately went to your server first.thank you for your time


Server Moderator
Thankyou for posting here unboundmagnum, your ban appeal is now being considered by the mod team. You should expect to have a decision in 3-5 days, though it can sometimes take longer.


Retired Plugin Admin
The Moderator Team has come to a decision and we've decided that you will be unbanned. We would like to inform you that griefing on any map other than PvP will result in a reban. Grief is easily found as it's all the mods get to do. Look for grief all day... So don't think that it'll be hidden. :p We would like you to either type /rules while in-game or read the rules here on our forums by clicking the link here.

See you on the server later.
Have a good day.