This is what Jacca hides from the world


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Me and nogo1109 were digging, trying to escape from inuu so we dug straight down on build, what did he end up in, well lava at first found some gold (i got it :D) then we dig down again to run into these.

Me and nogo got screenshot's oh what we saw (srry if theres 2 pics that look the same)



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:D If you don't know what this has to do with Jacca yah don't know why hes called The Mushroom King :L


Lawl. I think Boston planted those when Jacca was gone. I remember Jacca was like, "Do you want some free mushrooms, PD?" and I jumped on that opportunity. Little did I realize we would find the above....


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Lol micko those have been there for a very long time and there not Jacca's, those were natural i showed Inuuchiha and she checked logs and it said nothing. ;)


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:D we know but we cant harvest them :D this was a joke saying they where Jacca's... you know... he loves tping to me planting mushrooms.. its how my mushroom farm started lol


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Although that does look like something that he'd do, yes he hides from the world. First, look at his hours he puts in. Second he lives in a 'cave' of a basement. Third he can be quite awesome, but he almost never leaves the house. the Seattle seafair sucked.