Throne (All Welcome)


MCCC Sprite Artist/Designer
Hello guys, as i finally got builder status but I wasn't upgraded right away so i decided to play creative single player on my redstone world.

This is my throne V.1 (Old)

Tomorrow I am planing to make it wider, so the seat actually stands out. I took ideas from doomvalors half steps and stairs (thanks :D) When I finally finish this I'm gonna make it on the server. Ill keep updating this post with the versions.

Above View

Ground Level View

I am taking all idea's on what to add to this, so please comment and set me a task :D


Lamp Post King
just in retro spect here... if it was a little less fat at the bottom it could easily be morphed into a dragon head i think... I'm not a 3d guy so i don't really know.