TMAK98 and veer01_42


TMAK98 was accused of stealing multiple times, and I have a screenshot where I leaves the game after the victim is told to get a screenshot of him...


Also, veer01_42 was arguing with Mods a little bit, so I recommend keeping an eye on him.

As usual, I know we cant do much right now due to the temp map, but its good to know who to look out/ban once we can again.


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i argued with the mods when a bastard was griefing my stuff and they didn't do nething!!! As for anything else, why do i get banned when ppl come on teh server on a daily basis and grief and rob me? I've never griefed or robbed anyone on the server and i always try to help.... especially when my neighbors get robbed and griefed!!! I even let flame move in next to me and use supplies from my farm ???? Ask him if im a trouble maker!!


Veer, Its because you were arguing, and now your cursing up a storm.

Post a ban appeal in the Ban Appeals section, and the mods will discuss it.

But I'll warn you, if your not grammatically correct, polite, and thorough in your ban appeal, you will probably denied. We're not entitled to let you back in, its a privilege to get a second chance. Don't screw it up :geek:


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Veer, if I had any PROOF of WHO griefed and robbed your place, I would GLADLY ban them. You were banned for swearing. Swearing more in the forums, as you have done, doesn't help your case much though...


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Just throwing this out there, but veer is typically well behaved. I was checking up on his house regularly and it has been grief-ed quite severely. Not that this justifies swearing or arguing with mods of course.


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OK, so let me get this straight..... i get banned for cursing at the guy who was in front of me griefing my place right while the mods see me calling his name and do nothing?

I got scolded for saying 'bastard"?

Since when is the word "bastard" cursing... moreso, the guy whom i referred to as a "fucking moron", after i said that, I didn't even reply to the mods when they told me to stop cursing or argue with them... i just stopped all typing as far as i can remember

Look, u all are too loose with your definition of "cursing"


....take your pick please Sgtspike, which is really a curse?

BTW i like ur server, i really do, but when u ban people for stuff like that "cursing" no matter how u define cursing; while worse is going on; when u ban the people who are really helpful on ur server and let the griefers walk in and do whatever they want, soon enough ur gonna just end up with a server full of griefers.

Think about that for a second O.O

I modded on Pancake's server and i know a griefer when i see one and i would ban them just as fast.

I am not on here to ask to be allowed back onto the server, not by a longshot.

It's been too long since i haven't logged in, my stuff is probably in ruins atm. I'm better off working on my private server and on one of the other servers. Instead of the mods banning "griffeongeul" they notice me cussing him as he ruins mine and peanut's farm. How do u like that?

Sgt Spike.... I enjoyed the time i spent on your server, by all means, i loved the fact that u still allowed people to set their own homes, a feature i will sorely miss, but take my advice and reassess your mods, they are morons!!

gobey, i have a stash in the middle of the pool that was in the front of my tunnel, dig in there and u will find it. And keep an eye on flame, he does some really unusual but interesting things from time to time :D

Goodbye all!


You seem to be posting on a lot of threads about how you should be unbanned, you should make a ban appeal and leave it at that. If you are still banned I do not recommend 'trolling' up the forum on other posts about how you got banned. Words such as 'd a m' for example are obviously used in some situations such as the following "wow that is one big dam, it must hold a lot of water" whereas it is clearly trying to insult someone and/or making the environment on the server drop due to certain words being used, and some players can feel bad when words they know are bad are being chucked around.


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Veer, the proper way to handle a situation like that is to call for a mod to TP to you so they can check out the griefing. AND take screenshots so you have proof later on, in case a mod can't get to you in time. The improper way to handle that is to call other people names and swear. I know griefing is frustrating, but we aim to keep this server a clean environment, and that's especially true in the chat.

I can't ban someone just because you told me they were griefing - that'd be ridiculous, and allow people to get other people banned whom they didn't like. I need proof that rules were broken in order to ban someone, and that's why you need to call a mod over when someone is griefing.

I don't know where you are from, or what your cultural words are, but here in America, bastard is a swear word, and a fairly bad one at that. It is definitely not allowed on this server. Hell is another swear word, and all those other words fall under "disrespect of another player". I'm not saying I would ban immediately for using those other words, but you might be warned for using them.

Anyway, sounds like this server's clean environment just isn't a good fit for you. Best of luck finding another server. ;)


SgtSpike said:
I don't know where you are from, or what your cultural words are, but here in America, bastard is a swear word, and a fairly bad one at that. It is definitely not allowed on this server. Hell is another swear word, and all those other words fall under "disrespect of another player".
In ireland (and I'm going to assume our closely-tied neighbour england) it's the same case.

I'd be surpised to be honest to find a nation that didn't find those words offensive, in fall fairness.

Either way, the rules are rules, and there's no way to change them when you posted a screenshot of you yourself breaking them.

As Spike said, Good luck :)


Not only did he repost my screenshot of him cursing, he did nothing but soldifiy my belief in his ban...