Trap gone wrong


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Ok I was in pvp I came across this cave but when I got near it I got sucked into this minecart trap that couldn't kill me. I tried /spawn but it didn't work so I warped to my spheres home and I started falling into nothing. I figured it was a chunk glitch so I dis conected and reloged in but when I reentered im stuck on someones sphere. Now im stuck there and I can't warp, build or die. I've tried redownloading minecraft, I don't have any mods and no texture packs and it still won't work. If you can help me please do.


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And that is a reason to get rid of automations, not the entire plugin. Once there is a simple way to make chests dispense/take minecarts without minecart mania, then we can get rid of it. Are you still having problems hawk? you may need to have something done server side with your .dat file.


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Can people please stop spreading rubbish about MinecartMania and 'why we should get rid of it'. It is not a 'feature of automations' it is a generic feature of MinecartMania. I thought I had disabled this block, it appears I haven't completely. I shall fix this now.


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Aww.. that really messes up my station. Any way to say only have it disabled on PVP?

Maybe make green wool only placeable by mods/admins?

Hard to make automated stations without it.

EDIT: that wouldn't really help I guess, players could always come back and place blocks over the minecart. I think we need to submit this to Afforess and hopefully a fix will be available soon.


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It isn't a bug. There isn't anything he can actually do about it. The minecart mania config is 100% standard except i have disabled the green wool block and the lock/unlock signs. Sorry, but we won't be enabling it. It can be abused way too much. You can make automatic stations without the green wool.