Two questions.


Wandering minstrel.
First, who made the disturbing half-destroyed castle with the dungeon beneath and the confusing story that goes along with it (told in little pieces on signs)? I wandered, yes, wandered into it. I've been running randomly around creative trying to find interesting things and have not been disappointed. I don't know what the chances are that I would pass that certain island and happen to run up and see the ruins, but I did, and that's some of the most interesting and mysterious work I've ever seen in MC. Plus several internets to you, sir. You need to be making survival horror games.

Second, who made the naga temple? It's not quite as disturbing or subtle as the ruins, but the scale of it is impressive, and you did an excellent job of modeling the naga. Making a statue that doesn't look terrible is ridiculously hard, but you managed it, and it's also very atmospheric. Good job on making it look ancient; that's another thing that can be challenging.

These things are a little daunting. I'm not sure I'll ever approach the creativity of the first or the modelling of the second.