Tylerm27 ban appeal


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Hello, my minecraft username is tylerm27. I was banned a few days ago because i was using a flymod. I was using it in a 1v1 capture the flag match against my friend to aggravate him and i was kinda just flying around the spawn and stuff. I didnt realize the seriousness of the offense and if i get a second chance (which i hope i do!) i will be sure not to violate any rules whatsoever. So please consider unbanning me because i really loved playing on this server.


Retired Plugin Admin
Thanks tylerm27, Your ban appeal will be reviewed by the Mod Team and we will get back to you once we've reached a decision. It may take 1-3 days so please be patient and be sure to check back on your post every now and then in case we have any questions for you.


Retired Plugin Admin
Thank you for being so patient. The moderator team has reached a decision and we've decided that you will be temporarily banned. Your ban time will be for 1 week (7 days) starting from now, May 26, 2011. You will be unbanned on June 2, 2011.

We will post here again on June 2, 2011 to notify you that you're unbanned.
See you then.