unlawful banned

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I found a destroyed chest and there were diamond blocks all around it. i picked them up.
Socrates wanted to have them and while i was trying to find out how to trade or something he banned me ( im a noob)
Some Players are accusing me of having grieved and even of having burned down a house!
But I didn´t.
I don´t even know how to burn something down.
I apply for unban



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I don´t know....maybe because i didn´t do anything bad
I am banned without any cogent reason...:-(


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We have several witnesses of your acts of greifing and duping, both of which are against server rules. You started to make things right by handing over the dup'd items, but then start given them to other players (non-mods), and were being uncooperative with the moderators onboard at the time.

Your ban will not be revoked, as you:
- Were disrespectful to mods
- Have had multiple accusations of griefing and duping from various players
- Did not cooperate when a moderator asked you to hand over dup'd items
- Lied about what happened in your ban appeal

If you had only broken one of those rules, we may have revoked the ban. As it is, you have broken too many rules, and have proven to be untrustworthy, despite trying to look like you are making things right.

Your ban appeal has been denied.


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OK.....well ..if you think that i could break all rules witin 1 week (ridiculous)
i´ll have to play on another (better) server than this :)

Thank you
Good Bye
yours sincerely HOLyP. :)


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Since when did the mods ask for the duped items back instead of instant ban without explination? :confused2:
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