Upcoming move to 1.15.2


Staff member
The move to 1.15.2 is upon us, and will bring quite a few changes.

Move your builds

We will be allowing people to move their builds from the existing Build and Survival worlds (including nether and end). If you have a build you would like to move over please get in touch with me or another staff member so we can plan the move ahead of time.

Inventory Changes

The bottomless chests plugin will have to go (/chest command). There are already plans underway to move your existing chests to a new form of storage. The plan is for this to happen automatically with the move to the new server.

New Game Modes

There will be additional worlds and game modes available, including sky block, cave block, acid islands, and sky grid, plus more to come.

Returning worlds

Shops and Spheres were corrupted, as was the slime farm, chunks scrambled about a bit. They are undergoing repairs, but should be returning shortly.

So when already?

Watch this space to find out. We should be pretty close. Look for a definite date in the near future. In the meantime let us know about any builds you want to transfer into the new maps.