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Status of SMP Health
The few hours I’ve been able to work today, I tried getting SMP Health as complete as possible. It will be released early next week.

Here’s the status:

* Send attack network data: DONE
* Add the ability to attack other entities: DONE
* Implement falling damage: NOT STARTED
* Implement respawning for dead players: PARTIALLY DONE (there are bugs with the player keeping the current location in some circumstances instead )
* Make eating food regenerate health: DONE
* Send health updates to the players: DONE

The “attack entities” code is done on a general level, so you can hurt animals, monsters, boats, carts and even other players.

There are a couple of other tweaks in the next update as well:

* Fix leaves. Again: DONE
* Optimize the lighting update slowdowns: STARTED
* Make players riding carts or boats a long way receive terrain updates: DONE
* Fix the block re-spawning bug: NOT STARTED
* Add “pvp” toggle flag to the server settings: NOT STARTED.
So far, it does NOT sound like any of these update items will require a map restart in order to use. Woohoo! :D


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Update Tomorow! Proposed name Turkey Update!
This Update includes for SMP:
Working Health and Drowning and Suffocation
Working Monsters and PVP.

So hide yo kids and hide yo wifes cause monsters gonna be rapein everybody.
In more formal terms. Make sure your bases are secure or a creepers gonna be at your front door
Hisssing and blowing your doors of their hinges.

Prehaps we could start cordinating a PVP island or arena
Mods should get ready for a whole new kind of greifing alsoo

Source: http://notch.tumblr.com/post/1659195746 ... e-im-silly