Using a mod called Infinity, and Good bye.


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I was using a mod called Infinity, And the mod didn't work on multi player, so i didn't u-install it. And then i got stuck, and Got Banned. I don't realy care because i have not builded anything at all. and im tired of getting Banned all the time so i just might stop playing minecraft-.



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The wall hack is a X-Ray, and it didn't work in multiplayer, and i installed this mod Because of Singleplayer, like a no command mod. The run, Was Blocked And all the others were blocked to, :cake:


The plain and simple solution would be to remove your mods so you can play online without being flagged for cheating by plugins...


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Sorry but you are wrong. The mod was working on multiplayer and you did have it enabled. The only thing that was stopping them actually doing anything was our anti-hack system.


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oliverw92, i only used the free-cam one, because i wanted to see the Gigantic Troll-face at the spawn. And i did not use Any of the hack's! And i have removed the mod because it lagged and didn't work the next day, And again the mod's arent working in Multiplayer, i tried at my own server, and i have no Anti-hack. And i will not quit minecraft, and i would like to join the server again. but if i can't Then that is okay.


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No matter if it work or not. You DID free cam, which IS a ban able offense!
That is enough to get you banned. I suggest you post a real ban appeal if you really wish to still play on the server.


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This thread isn't accomplishing anything.

Simen, if you're asking to have your ban appealed on this server, then please write a ban appeal. If you're complaining about the hack you were using, then please write the people who made the hack. If you're complaining about Minecraft, then write a message to Notch. I'm locking this thread.