USS Arizona

Discussion in 'Creative' started by Coreyargos, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Coreyargos

    Coreyargos New Member

    Finally after one whole week my ship is done!

    Note: If anyone wants to have a closer look at it. The coords are.

    X:2738 Y:70 Z:518

    190 Long
    31 Wide
    57 High

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  2. Stevie3939

    Stevie3939 Active Member

    Nice man, very creative. :)
  3. Coreyargos

    Coreyargos New Member

    thanks =) I worked really hard on it
  4. blinx241

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  5. dunkeroni

    dunkeroni Retired Melon

    You people, and your boats, and all your crafty skills at making them...
    I wish I could build things like that >.>
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  6. Coreyargos

    Coreyargos New Member

    "Boat"?.....This good sir is a "Ship" =P lol thanks for the compliment.
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  7. blinx241

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