Valky-claus is coming... to town! :D


Boxing day!

close enough to christmas, methinks.

Good day one and all! Merry christmas!

I'm a semi-active player on your servers, some of you may already know me, the rest of you soon will :p

I'm Valkorian, I'm 15, I'm a shameless, no-life nerd, who loves building stuff in minecraft!
I especially love building circuits with redstone, at the moment I'm obsessing with combination locks, so if you need one....


I've been in a few communities before, but not once have I seen one with such activity AND amazing adminess. Problems get sorted with quickly, admins listen to players and are friendly and help, nobody is above the law (seen that one too many times >.<), and the rules are stuck to like... really really really good glue.

Really good SUPER glue.

REALLY REAL-you get the point.

Long story short, I'm super impressed.

Oh, also, I'm irish, ginger, and a vegetarian. :) You have permission to call me paddy, talk about how delcious the bacon you're eating is, and call me soulless, the chances are I'll join in :p

Also, I'm a bit of a grammar freak.
My apologies for correcting anything along the way :p

Am IRL friends with macmac117 aswell :)

Anyway, good day



Nice to meet you, hope to see you on the server sometime.

So can you like only eat mushrooms and apples in minecraft, and do you have to save up to go straight to iron armor? :lol:

Jokes mate, hope you didn't take it the wrong way but I suppose if I didn't do it now someone else will :p Though now I can sense you may say something like ' :roll: Heard that one before mate"


Rain said:
So can you like only eat mushrooms and apples in minecraft, and do you have to save up to go straight to iron armor? :lol: "
this could be my inability to sleep recently speaking, but I don't get it o.0



Oh I'm sorry, No I think its me, sad sad me and my constant minecraft quotes! Lol! :lol:

I was referencing to the fact that in minecraft you kill pigs and then eat them to get some more health, which can also be aquired from the consumption of apples and mushroom stew :p


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Glad to have you with us Valk! Haven't seen you around for too long, but building redstone circuits and whatnot, I think you'll fit right in. ;)


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Hi bro,

nice to have you with us, I have built a combination lock if you would like to have a quick look at it...


Would love to kane, always good to learn new methods, the whole idea of circuits in general fascinates me.

Thanks Spike! I know I haven't been online much recently, but I certainly plan to.