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Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by MajorWumpus, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

    I have a lot of empty chests in my vault, so I'm going to make them available to people without vaults on a limited basis.

    Limit is 2 double chests per player. Reply to this post, start a conversation with me, or just say something in game and I'll set the chests up for you to drop your items off. After the reset, I'll try to get things set up fairly quickly for you to pick them up.
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  2. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

    I guess I should have been specific about this... if you intend to do this, please contact me by the end of Wednesday.
    I'd like to start moving stuff Thursday AM, to avoid any last minute glitches.
    A few people have set this up, but there is still plenty of room for more.
  3. coolred60

    coolred60 New Member

    Hello MajorWhupass!
    But, by admin's info, our map's chests (with its content) will be keeped after 04'22 Reset, isn't it? //
    Anyway, for some safety,
    I want to use your 2 double chests for some my rare stuff.
    I'm regular player (no VIP).
    Please, instruct me: How to me get this access into this vault's chests?
  4. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

    The only worlds that will survive the reset are:

    So if you don't have a vault, your personal inventory and all your possessions in build/survival/resource, etc. will be gone.
    I can set up a couple of chests for you, just find me in game sometime and I'll get you set up.
  5. coolred60

    coolred60 New Member

    Was very sad to find out about total destruction 4/22 of all our contents of the Build & Survival worlds at updating to the new version 1.9. Though even at previous Wipe at two years ago, when really it was impossible to be updated without utter annihilation, the worlds copies in the Legacy have been left. And now there are no problems for carrying over of contents and partially a maps into the new version.

    If the reason of Totally_ Wipe in a lot of explored blocks in Build / Survival,
    We can save all contents inside compact areas around the Build Spawn and the Survival Spawn, inside some Radius (I'm sure, maybe 90% of all contents is in near area from spawns). Anyone outside this Radius (for both of Worlds) - can move the owner's contents, including chests, buildings, villagers and pets into this Radius onto free places (in free forests, plains or under ground), throughout these Last days before 4'22...
    I think, the majority will support this offer at possible voting.
  6. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

    Well, it's way too lately to have this conversation.
    I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with anything you said, I'm just saying it's a done deal and it happens Friday.

    Hopefully the chests will help you get through it.
    I'm sure some of the older hands will be rebuilding pretty quickly and can help others out.

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