Very late, but I will do this anyway ;P


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Hello everyone. Just incase you haven't seen me on the server, I thought I would write a little introduction. I will write it as a Q & A so that I could add more if you ask me any more questions(which I doubt because I'm not that interesting)

Q:What world am I usually on?
A: Build and occasionally on Spheres and Games.

Q: What do I do on the server?
A: Well as you have probably gathered from my previous answer, I usually wonder around Build looking for nice flat areas to build on. I sometimes also help out with building with other players(my IRL friends usually join the server because of what I have told them about it).
I also enjoy an occasional game of Spleef and CTF, so just ask if you would like to play and I will probably say yes. :)

I am a friendly and helpful person so if you have any questions or need help with anything, I'll be happy to help.:)

Thank you for reading my introduction thread. I hope to see you on the server soon.:)



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welcome to CC mr pikabuzz, and btw ive been here forever and i never got a hello should i ask ;o lol