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I am a regular player on this server and I have had about 2 instances where random players teleport to my base and then kill me, and also steal some stuff then teleport out. I checked the name of one of them and his name was Kart8305, i was wondering are VIP's allowed to do this? because this has been starting to happen a lot.


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Holding down the shift key enables sneaking. The text above your head becomes dimmer or even vanishes if you're behind a wall.

Since double killing is forbidden, the only reasonable way to escape is to use /home. It's not a VIP only command. I don't grief and I don't double kill. This is PVP but I keep it clean. Thanks!


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VIPs are allowed to set up to 3 private warps, so it's possible one of them set a warp inside your home after discovering it, to check back later and see if there was anything left there.

VIPs are NOT able to teleport directly to another player without your consent, so if someone teleported to your home, it was because they had already found it earlier.