Walrus filled with love!


A Beautiful Creature
Hello Humans!

Some of you may already know me, but I'm Walrus. I grew up on a lonely ice floe with my humble family shown here.800px-Walrus2.jpg
It got pretty crowded, as you can see my dad is pushing me down with his flipper at the bottom right of the screen. I felt very neglected on my local ice floe, so I ended up moving away. I ended up in Alaska, only to be greeted with hungry villagers, wanting to eat my rich meat. I ended up running to Canada, where I stayed in the Yukon, which is where I live today. The family who takes care of me has a computer so I end up playing Minecraft from time to time. I hope to stay in this wonderful community for a long time, as long as there's food to eat, I will be here.

Your Flubbery Friend


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He already has builder status, wombatus is insanely jealous of him, you didn't see the big argument they had?