Want to get VIP+ for FREE? here's how.


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EDIT: as it has been brought to my attention several times that there is virtually no way most non vips can get to where this contest is, I will hold a make-up contest to start the day this one ends, and ANYONE will be able to enter it, from any location. the prize will remain the same.

Greetings fellow minecrafters. I have decided to hold a competition for the non vip people, and vip people alike. Here's the deal. I have a 300x300 castle im building, and Im trying to level the space, but its a bit much for just myself. so the top two contributors in helping me level the space will be rewarded with VIP+ subscriptions paid for by myself! this is a great way to help the server, and hold a contest at the same time!

here's the specifics:

the two people with the highest contribution to the levelling will win.

I will place chests with signs in my house, place your blocks from clearing into the chests and mark them as private with only yourself and myself as having access.

on next sunday,I will award the two people with the most blocks cleared (wood, dirt, cobble, sand, ore, coal) with the VIP+ subscriptions. if the land isn't mostly cleared by then, nobody wins! so make sure you dont "cheat" and just put blocks in your chest. it wont help the space get cleared.

As a side note, anything you gather is yours to keep, but i do ask that any cobble you get be dontated to the project, if you can spare it :)

since there are free people competing, NO TNT!
if you win, and you are VIP+ whatever upgrades you dont use, you get to pick who gets them!

the location details:
a warp has been created for anyone vip or above, /warp dwccastle
for non vips, head to old spawn and start walking south. the rough coordinates are


I look forward to seeing you guys.

if you have any questions, reply, or get with me ingame.

(p.s.) so people know im serious, i give full acknowledgement that the mods can BAN me if i dont pay up :)


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i would but i don't know where the old spawn is and walking 10,000 blocks? no way. not worth it


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i would but i don't know where the old spawn is and walking 10,000 blocks? no way. not worth it
You can get to old spawn through the nether, go into nether anywhere, then do a /spawn to get to nether spawn then go through the nearest portal. Do NOT abuse this.


It actually seems like Nether portals leaving the Nether are broken right now. I saw several people unable to teleport out with portals, and I had to teleport them myself as they had no way out.


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I guess im not in, it seems like there are more deserving people than a murderer

P.S. Thats supposed to make no sense at all


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