WARHOUND(White Pitbull sez HAI)


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Pics will be posted soon, feel free to post your pet pics too :)

p.s dont mind the date at the bottom, dug this outta an old box, our camera was broken by this dog last time i try n took pics >.<


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how old is he? looks like a puppy. good luck with his temper, I saw your post about him earlier^


Awww, so cute. Pitbuls are actually nice if properly trained. As someone whos been around dogs (and crocodiles, but thats a different story) for a long time, including pitbuls, I know my fair share about them. I can promise that the problem is never with the dog, but with the owner or its training.

I once had a Brittney that had seperation anxiety, and only because we never got it proper training to begin with.

Now enough of my reminiscing. :D


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yea it went from one owner(all drug addicts to about 4 more and then my bro) and he wont let her go, about 7 i think