wayward_soul ban appeal


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The Moderators will look over your case and make a decision. Please give us 2-5 days to have a proper discussion about your ban.

in the mean time are there any details you'd like to include? As in, what you griefed, and why you decided to break our rules?


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I stole glowstone :/ I didn't know if belonged to anybody there was no marking or anything, should have been more careful :(


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The Moderator Team has come to a decision and we've decided that you will not be unbanned. The amount of grief that you had done required rollbacks. We also noticed that what you griefed actually had signs on it that said not to grief it, but you walked right past that and started griefing anyway. We appreciate you stopping by our server and checking it out though and we hope that in the near future you find a server that fits you.

Have a nice day.