We need more mods on build server


Video Game Programmer
Build server gets out of hand quite often.

Stealing/griefing: Many new players don't know how to report it, and there's no mod there for them to tell about it.

Language: I warned about 3-4 players about language, they quit cursing after that, but there was no mod there if they hadn't stopped.

I was on tonight for about 90 minutes, no mod the whole time, 10-15 players were on most of that time. Are all mods on the PVP servers or what? If so, do the PVP servers need mods as much, seems the rules are a bit more lax there seeing as how some griefing and stealing is allowed.


We do need more build server mods but till We have more you van just pop onto the pvp server to see if one is there or come on vent.