we've done something very stupid and will make and ban appeal

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Simon Snedker

New Member

Me and a friend done some really stupid we have broken a other players stuff and stolen from him to, we have also lied, but we are real sorry cause its the best minecraft we have ever played on, so please unban us so we can play again cause it will be super.

(Name in-game Simo9737 and Andreas2253 and also it were our first time playing the game so please give us unban and we would only follow the rules)


Server Moderator
Hi Simo, we are currently going over your appeal. Be sure to keep an eye on this thread we will post here if we have any more questions. Once we reach a decision, we will let you know here. Please be patient as this can take a few days.


Retired Administrator
Simo and Andreas we have decided to unban you. Your inventories will be completely reset as a punishment. If you do anything ever again you will be perm-banned from the server.
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