What 2019/2020 game have you been into?


Lover of Cats and Potato
Hey guys! A lot of games came out last year as well as this year so far!
I know I've been having trouble juggling the games I love playing!

What about you?


Staff member
I haven't really gotten into anything new. I was playing a lot of Elder Scrolls for a while, but had to pause to work through this update. Greymoor comes out in a few days on Xbox so I'll be back there pretty soon.


Lover of Cats and Potato
Same @EmeraldBlocks! Both those games have been amazing!!! I'm still trying to design my island and get through Master mode!

Elder Scrolls is amazing <3 I can't wait for the next game in the offline series C:


Potato Overlord
Did someone say Animal Crossing New Horizons ??
I got the game about a month ago and I have been playing it non stop ! Very fun :D