What Are These?!


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Posted on Notches google+ about a future mob (unofficially called Enderman?).. something just doesnt feel right with this..


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They walk around and place random dirt blocks EVERYWHERE.

If struck by lightning the item in their hand switches to water or lava.


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Yeah... he's jokingly called it the Enderman. I'm looking forward to hearing more about these, they seem creepily adorable.


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also... it seems whoever took the picture is standing under a giant mushroom.. another odd addition to 1.8


They get the name Enderman from the mythical creature "Slenderman", a creature with a skinny body and multiple long, bony appendages. Look it up on youtube, its a pretty good creepy pasta. As far as I'm concerned, thats all it is.

I do like the name Enderman, though, as it references some kind of mystical, or otherwise unknown entity that you cannot explain, but it is always present.


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Great... now greifers have another excuse.

"It wasn't me I swear, it was an Enderman! It was the one that made that hole in the castle and removed items from the chest!"

Actually, these look pretty awesome.