What are YOU working on? (Personal projects)

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by KittyAshlee, May 21, 2017.

  1. KittyAshlee

    KittyAshlee Builder Applications Moderator Staff Member

    I thought it would be fun if everyone posted here what their current personal build is!

    Pictures are welcome!
    Be sure to include a description either way and your plans for it's future!

    Right now, I have nothing to show as far as pictures go (of my mc build) because I'm clearing a rather large chunk of land to build a really beautiful section of my university.

    I plan on building it out of resources like stone and maybe quartz or other white blocks. I love builds that incorporate water :)

    So what about you all?
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  2. BlueRazor71

    BlueRazor71 Blue Moderator

    Me and @Anfasa have spent the last.. hmm.. about the last 3 weeks working on our new big project, "Avarleínn". It's this huge island in the sky with smaller islands around it. We've spent the last 3 and a half weeks 2 weeks just constructing the base of it, and we're not really halfway done yet. We divided it into 3 tiers of work, the base, the second half, and the third half. The third half of it is supposed to be much easier since it's flatter and not as steep as the second half. I didn't think to start taking progress pictures until we had constructed the outlines, so I don't have any pictures before that.

    There's going to be the main island, and then smaller islands scattered on the outside of the main island. Below the island there's going to be a large, large crater, and that's where we're going to build the "slums" of the city (Major's idea). There's going to be waterfalls coming from the bottom of the island and pooling into lakes in the crater, too.

    We started with a bunch of outlines
    At this point, we found Carl, all alone on our outline
    Started filling in the lowest tier
    We got the lowest tier done so we started building diagonals to use as guidelines while we do the second tier (white blob is Anfasa)

    It looks like a mess I know, but we're managing pretty well.
    We then found this... unusual sight.
    He (they) hung around for a while, then followed by a llama riding a chicken, bat riding a chicken, and other... interesting concoctions. *cough bml's fault cough*
    So then we started filling in the second tier diagonals, which proved to be very difficult and result in some interesting looking structures.
    We're planning on having glowstone littered throughout the base like it was with tier 1.
    It's slowly growing into one giant... thing... I guess?
    There has been so much stone you would not believe.. these are the latest pictures, we have 7/16ths of the 2nd tier done, once we get one more 16th we'll be halfway done with tier 2.
    We're starting to grab a lot from the crater to get ready for that. It'll have to be much, much bigger than this though.

    When we get done we're going to hang a large sign over the side and put this on it:
    Which translates to: Avarleínn, island in the heavens

    Anyway we've been working on that. Hopefully we can finish it within the year. It's been so much fun!!
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  3. BlueRazor71

    BlueRazor71 Blue Moderator

    It won't let me post a picture of the crater so here it is:

  4. Anfasa

    Anfasa Retired Moderator

    ...What are you doing, posting on the forums? We have work to do! Get back on the server immediately! :p

    Jokes aside, this has been a fun project so far (I know, it looks rather ugly as a huge stone blob so far, but it'll improve a lot once we add decorations, lights, ores and buildings).
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  5. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

    I'm... digging a big hole.
    Why do I have to go after them?

    (it's a 17 chunk x 17 chunk hole, which will in phase 2 become a passive mob farm. Cows, chickens, horses, pigs, etc. But for now... big hole.)
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  6. KittyAshlee

    KittyAshlee Builder Applications Moderator Staff Member

    Looks like a lot of work!! nice job! I can't wait to see what it looks like in the future!
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  7. MountainDude23

    MountainDude23 Server, Forum & Warp Application Moderator Staff Member

    I'm basically going to be building up the same empire of contraptions and farms and whatnot I always have, except not in Survival. I'm aiming to make life just as comfortable in Flatlands. Currently: Dark room spawner.
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