What I see coming on Creative World...


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What I see coming is some peoples who don't have to mine to get all the stuff they want, and who build the same things they built on the other worlds in 5 minutes, covering the 5000*5000 map of easy buildings in less than a month.

Frothingluck is afraid by the possible elitism of the builder rank... Well... We really should be elitist.

What Admins want is a map with very impressive buildings on it.
What I see pointing his nose is a map with thousands of 10*10 idiot houses made of all the possible materials with a few massive structures here and there.

When I loggin after a single day there is twice more buildings, but only a few are impressive.

I don't speak especially about a forum thread for each project, too annoying for everybody, but guys, work a bit more on your projects please.

I see everybody apply for Builder rank, but if it's only to make the same boring little things than in Build, it's a pity, really.

I want to tell everybody (as we say in France) "take your fingers off your *** !!"

For the great of good.


A l'aise Breizh
To speak about my own person, because everybody knows that I like to speak about me, I think that when my first project will be done the map will be full. So it's the only project I'll do on Creative :rofl:

To speak about the others I think that the good exemple for everybody is the 7 wonders project. It's clear, massive and nice. It will take a small part of the map, for a lot of work by a lot of players.

And it's a mod idea, so a good image of what the staff wants I guess.


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Well said, Wombatus! I do agree, we need more epic structures, and less houses. No one wants to see a bunch of boring old houses, build something worth looking at!


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ie. Why is there 2 football fields on the map. Is that really something someone could not build in Build world. So they went on creative to spawn the materials needed to make it?

edit nm. was going by dynmap which is not updated.


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And they look very similar :thumbsdown:

I'm not against an idea like an Olympic Village with all the structures in the same place, but two islands graped by football stadium, really ?!!


There is only one. Spike7005 built the stadium, then moved it, and you are seeing both on the map, because the first one was not updated to show it is gone yet.


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There is only one. Spike7005 built the stadium, then moved it, and you are seeing both on the map, because the first one was not updated to show it is gone yet.
Hmmmmmmm fine. But they have to make it really nice !! :devilish:


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Frothingluck is afraid by the possible elitism of the builder rank... Well... We really should be elitist.
No. You really shouldn't. You were given a fake rank by a closed group of people who thought you were adequate enough to be apart of "their map". While I appreciate everything you've built on creative and do agree that we need less builders and stronger applicants (interior design is not a skill. I can place premade paintings and make chairs too.) There needs to be change all around. Mods need to hold their creative map to a higher standard, a free everyone can build option should be allowed, builders need to build epic structures (remember Oli took close to 3 days to drop the map height and change the day cycles for you.) I have suggested a good alternative to all of this and I have yet to see someone offer a differing (and fair) idea.


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Sure I needed it, but it wasn't just for me, that's the reason I asked a vote, to make sure I'm not the only one to need something. (for the high change it's really for everybody, it was just logical, and I didn't need it myself for my frist project on which one I'm going to past maybe a month, for the night I asked a vote)

In fact I guess we have quiet the same view of the thing.

In my point of view there is all the stuff we need for every players, what ever the "skills" or what criters you can find.

The Creative World have to be for the best, that's all, it's something ADD to the server, it's not a restriction, it's a bonus !! Admins could make an other server to build with a few players, but it's better to have it in the same, because even if you can't build yo ucan visit, it's like a museum ! Everybody can't be an artist, but the museum is not on a lost island with only artists arounds, it's in a town, a few peoples creat things to put in it, and the other can come and enjoy what they see.
If there is a selection it's because some people just can't get it, that's all, it's logical, so they can't give the rank to everybody, after three apply you just give up. People who don't like pvp don't play pvp, if you can't build you don't ask a builder rank.

I don't know if I'm clear or not, but for me this world need to be elitist for the permission to build, and a open world for everybody who wants to visit it.

Nobody has the same skills, whatever the situation, for that we have to make restriction for the people who can make good stuffs ? Well let's do a "noob creative" !! One more world on the server !! But here you'll have your totally non-legit server. With an idiot world full of boring things.


This opinion is conflicting, though, Frosting.
Mods need to hold their creative map to a higher standard, a free everyone can build option should be allowed,
By holding the map to a higher standard, we MUST exclude people, or enforce some sort of ridiculous "application" for buildings themselves.

The problem is that if we allow everyone, then we will have griefing galore and horrible creations everywhere. Personally, we need to make the exclusion for Builder even more strict.


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Totally agree with you Wombatus. Let's be frank, the model for the Creative server is The Voxel Box, there they have a map a similar size to ours and have some of the best minecraft builders I have ever seen. They do have small buildings on their map, but, and here is the important part, they are part of a town (see: cliffton). The materials are unified and limited to about 5 or 6 different types. You just won't find a 10x10 house in the middle of nowhere there. That being said, if we do run out of room for large projects and a house is in the way, then it can be easily removed or moved.

In short if you don't have any ideas what to build (or someone got there first) don't start building. Think about it some more, plan on a piece of paper or in MSPaint. Browse the 'Random Page' function of wikipedia until something catches your eye. Use google image search and search using keywords for the sort of building you would like to build.

Anyway, let's just play it by ear for now, we *may* have to make changes, maybe not.


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For exemple the ice village of PD is in the good way, there is some very small and simple houses there, but it's part of a village, with a thematic, with art things, and it's build on ice, what is impossible in an other place !

We have to apply, it's the rule, so all the builders signed on the forum, I guess we need to warn them about that fact. It must be clear for eveyone.
People want to be builder to... be builder and spawn items. In the point of view of SgtSpike I suppose it's not the first purpose of this world. The goal is to creat with less limits. Creat good stuffs is better. PD found a good exemple with the ugly diamond house, do we need that ? Of course not.

As I said, an apply for each project is too much. But if we apply we should have some ideas yet, and lauch some of them in the apply, to show we have plans. People don't have plans, it's a pity. We are not in Creative accidentally.

In my case, my appeal should contain that : I plan to build bigger creatures than in Build, without limit of color and materials.
After that I will certainly make something else, if there is enought room, but it's a take-off path.