What is MMO General and how do I use it?


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MMO General is a place for people to discuss any MMO game such as EVE, World Of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Runescape, etc. Each game should try to stick to one topic about it, except when attempting to promote your guild as the official CC guild/team. A game may be approved for it's own sub-forum section only if enough members request it.

Why would you want your guild/team to be an official guild/team? Because it's free publicity for your group and we can generate buzz for your events here on the website! It's a lot better than trying to hack together your own website to create buzz! Also if your guild/team become large enough we will even create you a subforum!

Rules For General Topics
  1. A general topic is a topic that encompasses all discussion of a game, including posting screenshots. A general topic should be something like "WOW Topic" From then on, all discussion about said game should happen within that topic.
  2. If a topic has become too large or de-railed, you may request a new topic and a moderator will lock the current one and create the new one for you.
  3. CC rules still apply, do not post inappropriate things, or use foul language.
How To Apply For Official CC Guild/Team

In order to apply to become the official guild/team for CC in your particular game you will need to answer the following questions and provide proof of members. Being a representative of our community is a big deal and we will not choose lightly! If you have a bad reputation on our server, or any other server you need not apply!

1. How many members does your guild/team have:
2. How long ago was your guild/team created:
3. How many hours a day are you online in this particular game on average:
4. Are you willing to help promote CC and allow us to promote your events:
5. Are you willing to enforce a friendly and well behaved group:
6. Do you understand that we at any time reserve the right to no longer endorse your group: