what is the future of the servers?


The Cyber-Hillbilly
this is mostly a question aimed at he mod and admins.

is there eny major(or minor) plans for the servers?
eny new vip feature?
eny new way to get more people to the server?
eny way to making the hackers n' greifers life suck (more than it already does)?
pretty mutch enything. :mrgreen:


Staff member
I know SgtSpike has mentioned making a pure survival server, but he is still working on the lag issue. I believe I have also heard say that the lag must be fixed before that server can ever be launched.

As for the new VIP feature, SgtSpike just increased the amount of private warps, and has also just made the warp list public. You can also list the warps in-game.

Minor plans, I know they are always looking for things to better the server and suggestions are always welcome.