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I wanted to share something with you all that I have been working on for a past few weeks as I cleared a large area, laid out a design, built it, tore it down, redesigned and rebuilt, etc.
I aimed to build something a little more modern looking than the usuall and seemingly traditional buildings I have seen on our server over the last few months. I started out this project on a single player map I've had since the beginning, as I didn't want distractions while I worked :roll:

The first picture listed is the front of the main structure, the Mansion. I've been toying with mansion ideas now for like 3 months on both the build server and pvp, but I wanted to do something a little more drastic. Size of the main house is 33x36 blocks with a height of 14 blocks (3 stories).
Here is the Main Front view.[attachment=16:1bbce0uq]Main front.png[/attachment:1bbce0uq]
Same view, but at night. Lighting effects are nice.[attachment=15:1bbce0uq]Front at night.png[/attachment:1bbce0uq]
This is a closer view of one side of the front of the house. The odd looking cream colored block next to the door is a Glowstone.
I have ZERO torches in our outside of this structure. As you will notice in the pictures to follow, it looks much different without torches. ;) [attachment=14:1bbce0uq]Front Detail.png[/attachment:1bbce0uq]
Here, you can see the Dual-Purpose lighting I have installed on this house. The Glowstones light both the outside AND the inside at the same time. [attachment=0:1bbce0uq]Side Lighting.png[/attachment:1bbce0uq]
Inside the Main entrance to the house.[attachment=13:1bbce0uq]Main Entrance Inside.png[/attachment:1bbce0uq]
The custom stairway I built. I like it. :p [attachment=12:1bbce0uq]Stairway.png[/attachment:1bbce0uq]
This below is the entrance to the 2nd story entertainment room.[attachment=11:1bbce0uq]Stair Entrance to Ent Room.png[/attachment:1bbce0uq]
The Entertainment Room itself.[attachment=10:1bbce0uq]2nd Story Entertainment Room.png[/attachment:1bbce0uq]
A large room on the 2nd story. Currently unassigned. [attachment=9:1bbce0uq]Second story room.png[/attachment:1bbce0uq]
This is my workroom where my storage and manufacturing is handled.[attachment=7:1bbce0uq]WorkRoom.png[/attachment:1bbce0uq]
This is the Family Room where a lot of time is spent. :D [attachment=4:1bbce0uq]Family Room.png[/attachment:1bbce0uq]
Opposite View of the Family Room [attachment=3:1bbce0uq]Family Room 2.png[/attachment:1bbce0uq]
This is the Main Dining Hall area. Cake will be served here soon![attachment=8:1bbce0uq]Dining Hall.png[/attachment:1bbce0uq]
This is the view of the bedroom level hallway. [attachment=6:1bbce0uq]Bedroom Level Hallway.png[/attachment:1bbce0uq]
An example of one of the larger bedroom suites in the house. 1 of 6. [attachment=5:1bbce0uq]Bedroom Example.png[/attachment:1bbce0uq]
This is the 3rd level of the house, the Observatory Room. [attachment=2:1bbce0uq]Observatory Room.png[/attachment:1bbce0uq]
Overlooking the Main Entrance from the Observatory Room. [attachment=1:1bbce0uq]Observatory2.png[/attachment:1bbce0uq]

I have added a few furnishings such as bookshelves, including a library study, and still have a few areas inside the home to complete before I can share them. However I thought to share this with you so you know where I've been the last couple of days ;) :oops:
Please feel free to comment! I may do a Youtube video of my home so you can see it more personally! :cool2:


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although your links aren't showing any pictures, it sounds nice :). i should show you my mansion :D


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Arr my pictures :(
I will be rebuilding it on the server very soon actually. I have been collecting and cooking the things I need for it. I am currently in the process of adding a few things to it hehe. See if I still have the pictures here tho.. where did I put them..
Edit: Only problem I have with doing this properly atm is that nether is disabled so I can't go get the lightstone I need :(


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Oh, yeah, I meant to reenable it once we moved to these forums... at least in a read-only format.