Where I've been...

People keep asking me what I've been up to, so I'll explain.

In simple terms, planning for this: http://yearofthemad.net

In complex terms, planning for a series of worldwide charity events for this year and advertising and promoting them!

Including radio interviews such as this one: http://jonandrews01.podbean.com/2011/02 ... f-the-mad/

And blog posts such as these...
http://www.raft.ac.uk/our-news/latest-n ... -raft.html
http://www.managemywebsite.co.uk/journa ... study.html

And more that I can't find right now.

Also, I'll be on Radio Wey tonight at 9:30PM (GMT) to talk about the current event in planning: That's Just RAFT.

Any questions or whatever from the site, just ask! And please look at the site and get involved if possible!