Why I'm not on much.


Annoying 13 year old.
Hey guys,

p.s. This is for people who wonder why I'm not on much anymore.

It's mainly because I found a new server that fits my liking. It's good here and all, but I feel more at home on my other server. I also find some lag when I play on Minecraftcc. But I don't in my other server. It's not your guys' fault pretty much because it's an business in my city running the server. So yes, I see my friends from my school in that server which makes it nice. It's not cluttered with people, just a nice stable community. Other's on this server tend to get on my nerves. Not going to say the names but if you read this you know who you are.

That is it, I wish the best of luck to everyone in this wonderful community. Worth the $15, I'm not going to completely leave this community, but I won't be on much.

Thanks for reading.


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Sorry to hear that. Hopefully we see you around still in the future then. ;)


:( sorry to hear this. Hopefuly you'll see the error in your ways and come back :D

Missing you already, enjoy yourself.