Why Ive Not Been On Much


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Well,.. I haven't been on minecraft.cc for about 2 weeks now, Im missing it but theres nothing i can do. i have recently acquired a mac and now its keeps coming up with an error message when i load up the java page... If you have any tips on how to sort this, i will use them

But for now.... i regret saying this because this server is the best.. full of nice people and a great community... Its Goodbye :'(



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Make sure your mac is set to use Java 6.

Go to /applications/utilities/java and run the Java Preferences app.
On the General tab, under Java Applet Runtime Settings, select “Java SE 6″. In Java Application Runtime Settings, re-arrange the list of Java versions so that Java SE 6 is the top item (click the image for a full-size picture of the proper settings).
Once you’ve done that, hit “Save”, and you’re good to go for running Java 6 applications. Remember that this is a beta, so use a bit of caution if you’re doing anything mission critical with it.

Then use the downloadable client on minecraft.net/download.jsp for OSX.