why was i banned?


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Today I came back to the server to see that I was banned for a transparent texture pack but I read the rules like 3 times and it didn't say those were banned. I'm sorry if I read it wrong you can take all the diamonds I found but can you please add me back to the server that is the server all my friends play on

Thank you waycool90210


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Thanks Waycool90210, Your ban appeal will be reviewed by the Mod Team and we will get back to you once we've reached a decision. It may take 3-5 days so please be patient and be sure to check back on your post every now and then in case we have any questions for you. In the meantime, please review our server rules here.


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Yeah waycool shouldnt be banned Alost you Should unban him its not like he raided 10000000people with the texture he probally just mined or tested it out even though u hate me Alost lol you should unban waycool for his actions -AMAZING CAPTAIN r3sol Written this AMAZING Forum!


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R3sol, please do not post in the ban appeal section of the forums unless you have something to say that is pertinent to the appeal at hand. Just asking me to unban him isn't going to do anything but clutter up this thread.


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But he shouldnt be banne dif he didnt take aventage of the texture pack atleast give him 1warning he probally just mined


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I have told you guys already not to post in this thread. DO NOT DO IT AGAIN. If you have anything to tell me that doesnt pretain to this thread, pm me on the forums.


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I completely agree with way cool. Waycool and I are both relatively new to this server and we couldn't tell the difference between x ray mod (unsupported by mojang) and transparent texture pack (supported by mojang, and a vital part of the game). If you still think this is unfair, perhaps you guys could restart our accounts on the server, and get rid of our diamonds.


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I have something that pertains. Last night he asked if they were allowed and it was clearly stated "No." So, he was aware that they weren't allowed. So saying its not in the rules, is no way to get out of this. Nothing personal, mind you, but you obviously knew it was wrong, now how long you were using it beforehand without knowing is a different story, so once you knew you should of changed it immediately.


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The Moderator Team has come to a decision and we've decided that you will not be unbanned.

You knew transparent textures were against the rules and continued to use them, and you have attempted to dupe diamonds with marley.

641912202011-07-26 22:08:58waycool90210Chatpvp4i have a c thro textpack
641967132011-07-26 22:18:25waycool90210Chatpvp4are clear teaxure packs aloud
641968392011-07-26 22:18:40Hei2Chatpvp4No

642481072011-07-27 00:07:51waycool90210Commandpvp4/msg *** i have clear texture on no need
642484122011-07-27 00:08:40waycool90210Commandpvp4/msg *** everythings almost clear but dmds
642486272011-07-27 00:09:14waycool90210Commandpvp4/msg *** its a texure pack
642492422011-07-27 00:15:57waycool90210Commandpvp4/msg *** u gonna get teaxure pack
642493832011-07-27 00:17:37waycool90210Commandpvp4/msg i will tell u what i serched 1 sec brb
642494112011-07-27 00:18:01waycool90210Commandpvp4/msg *** ill tell u what i searched brb
642497832011-07-27 00:21:30waycool90210Commandpvp4/msg *** go to teaxures on mcf and search in foruom ********* *******
642498062011-07-27 00:21:43waycool90210Commandpvp4/msg *** no space in that
642498922011-07-27 00:22:31waycool90210Commandpvp4/msg *** not ********* ********* *****

best of luck to you as you search for a new minecraft server.