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Hey guys,
I thought I could volunteer my services for the Wiki Editor. I work at Palm Beach State College in their IT Department. Within their IT department, I assist in maintaining our own internal wiki database of troubleshooting steps and policies of the college. I do use complete spelling and grammar both on the forum in ingame (something hardly seen with our playerbase.) Below you will find my article in PDF format. Please note that is out of its native format and the picture in the background is a missing. This article isn't completed however, I did create the layout and format and everything done so far, in my opinion, looks great. I am unsure of how to proceed due to no guidelines being posted on how to proceed.



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You understand that you will not be allowed to create a page about yourself right?
While I do like "trolling" in the forums and in-game I can assure you this is a completely real application. I understand that there are policies and procedures to go through and I am willing to do whatever it takes to be a Wiki Editor. It is something I am really passioniate about.


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Oh, maybe you can't... didn't even look. Well, if it's not enabled, I'll go ahead and enable it now.


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It's important to note that I was unable to include the hyperlinked jpeg images as well as the background due to it being a converted PDF document


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Grave Yard
~Where all Souls Go to Rest


  • World: Build
  • Location: x:809.95 y:68.62 z:-895.77
  • Creator(s): Frothingluck
  • Transport Links: None
  • Related/Nearby Places: Unknown

Despite its modest size, the grave yard is the premier cemetery on the Build server. Created by VIP user Frothingluck, the cemetery holds the tombstone’s of all current Moderators. Deep beneath the cemetery lie the urns of VIP’s who have all decided they wish to... expire early. Perhaps you
would like one? Contact the Crypt Keeper known as FrothingLuck and he'll take care
of everything, allowing you to Rest In Peace.